Benefits of Managed Print Services

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Managed print managed print company services (also known as PMS) is the supervision and delivery of specific company document output requirements by an outside service provider. The primary goal of a MPS strategy is to enhance the productivity, quality and efficiency of a company’s print-oriented activities. A number of companies are turning to managed print services for a number of reasons, such as a change in management style, growing or aging business, or the need for specialized printing processes. The first step is normally a needs assessment where a business assesses its current printer supply needs and compare them to a target group of new or emerging customer demands.

The second step, which is usually the most challenging, is to replace or buy new printers and other associated equipment. In many cases, the replacement can be done using pre-owned devices or through the installation of new equipment. Another aspect is addressing differences between document output formats. For example, a high resolution, clear and legible document often requires different toner, ink and paper cartridges than a standard document.

The third step towards managed print services involves establishing a company Fleet. A Fleet is made up of employees who are designated to provide specific jobs, such as printing, toner or paper, depending on the volume of each job. The benefit of a Fleet is that it provides a standardized environment for employees to refer to for information. One of the most common uses for a Fleet is when companies have a number of independent printers or standalone printers located in different geographical regions or locations. The Fleet system also allows the printing companies to centrally manage their documents. Some companies also find that the benefits of using a managed print services strategy include improved customer service and, because all employees are unified into a single Fleet, there are greater consistency and accountability for jobs performed.

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