Professional Company For Plumbing Needs

Professional Company For Plumbing Needs

I’m a Charlotte Plumber hire our team now and I have to say, I really liked working in Charlotte. My wife was hired by our landlord in Charlotte and she moved in with us. She had a sweet personality and a nice smile. We all live off of a pension so it wasn’t a problem. Charlotte Plumbing as a general rule has always been professional and very cordial. Installed a nice new kitchen faucet on a decent price.


One time we were remodeling a bedroom and I had asked some friends for some advice. They recommended that I go to the PNC (Pantex Corporation) warehouse and see what kind of pipes they had. The PNC is the largest plumbing company in the state of North Carolina. I found out that Charlotte Plumbers, also had a very large inventory of plumbing parts including new pipes. The one time we went to Charlotte Plumbing and they didn’t have a part in stock, they called an hour later and the new pipe arrived the next day.


Most of the major pipe repair and plumbing needs in Charlotte can be handled by Charlotte plumbers. But they do also carry other things like new water heater valves, sewer backup tapes, toilet drain cleaning, garden hose installation, gas fitter kits, and even new toilet seats in the bathroom. They also carry other products like garage door openers, new smoke detectors, and babysitter hook-ups. So when you need something done in your home that is plumbing needs, call charlotte plumbers to get the job done right.

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